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  • how story scenes work
    Thanet Creative

    The scene and scene-sequel

    Any story can be broken down into scenes and each scene works in the same way. You probably know that way very well – one or more persons want something and they encounter one or more problems stand between the character and their goal. But did you know that scenes are like bricks? Bricks need…

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  • despair
    Being a writer

    Overcoming Writer’s Block

    Writer’s block – when you don’t have it and the muse is with you it is great and when she runs off and you feel blocked it sucks. How do you overcome writer’s block? This post is inspired by a question on Author Buzz that I’ve been meaning to answer for a month but (ironically)…

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  • exchange of ideas

    Dealing with aggressive comments

    How do you deal with aggressive comments and angry feedback? I write about Christianity. As a result, I deal with my fair share of confrontational comments. None of them on my blog sadly. (I would love some nice comments if you have time). These are five techniques that I use to defuse aggression. I hope that they…

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  • Thanet Creative Logo design
    Thanet Creative

    A vision for Thanet Creative

    Often I write for Thanet Creative as us; today I write only as me. I write to set out my vision for the charity and our community. Create good art I believe that the highest expression of what it means to be human is the act of creation. We call that act art. It is…

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  • test reader
    Beta Reading

    Three questions every test reader should ask

    If you come to Thanet Creative’s events for writers, sooner or later you may be asked to be a test reader. Test reading, commonly called beta reading, is the cornerstone of a good critique group. Offering solid feedback to a budding writer is just about the most helpful and generous thing you can do at…

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  • Coffee

    A day of social meetups for Thanet’s writers

    This week sees Thanet’s writers meeting for not one but two social meetups. This Wednesday (the 28th) has become a day for Thanet’s writers, poets, and creatives to meet up in places around Margate. Lunchtime: Writers grabbing a coffee At a time best described as Lunchtime-ish, we will be meeting up to grab a coffee. This…

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  • snow

    Snow vs Writer Events

    In case it had not escaped your notice the roads are pretty icy due to snow. We at Thanet Creative value the safety and well being of our members and guests. We would rather you stay home rather than try to come to events if there is a risk of harm. Please do not attempt to…

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  • Thanet Creative: awesome blogger award

    Final Week of Platform Building

    We are now in week four of the Awesome Blogger awards – that’s right one more week of platform building prompts. If you missed week 3, here it is. February’s four weeks of blogging are almost over. Have you been an awesome blogger this month? If you have, give yourself a pat on the back –…

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  • Competitions

    Awesome Blogger Awards – February Week 3

    Tomorrow sees the beginning of Week 3 of the February Awesome Blogger awards. so far we’ve already seen some really interesting contributions to cooperative blogging in Thanet. Keep up the good work. If you have questions check out the FAQ. Week One Week Two Week Three Topics 15th of February On this day in history in 1971,…

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Thanet Creative are just a bunch of local people sharing our love of writing. Most of us have day jobs or are trying our best to make full-time writing pay. We have a Facebook group which is very active if you need a quick answer.

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