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Awesome Blogger Awards 2018


Thanet Creative: awesome blogger award

It is time for another of our rolling blog based competitions – the awesome blogger awards 2018.

Nothing grows a writers’ platform quite like some cooperative blogging. For the whole of February that will be our theme. It will be a competition and a chance for you to show off as well as a chance to work together.

Thanet’s most awesome bloggers

February will be a month-long search to find Thanet’s most awesome bloggers. February is a month that contains exactly four weeks with no days left over. The day before the start of each week we will post a list of seven interesting facts about the week ahead. This year, the week starts on a Thursday so the posts will come out on a Wednesday.

How to enter

To enter the competition you need to write a blog post about the day and link, ping, trackback, or comment our post about the week. That means you have up to seven chances to enter each week for a total of 28 possible entries.

Your entry can be fiction, factual, poetry, prose, video, or something experimental and new. It just has to be on a blog on the right day. Bonus points will be awarded for novel, interesting, or compelling blogging as well as posts that tie in writing or Thanet in some way. Bonus points can be traded in for bragging rights when the leaderboard is published. You are particularly encouraged to link to posts in other local blogs (if relevant).

Have you got what it takes to win the Awesome Blogger Awards 2018?

You will be a winner if you post at least one item for each week. Winners earn the right to freely display the gold “awesome blogger” badge anywhere they wish.



Matthew is a writer and Geek from Kent (UK). He is the founder and current chair of Thanet Creative Writers as well as head geek for Author Buzz. His ambitions include appearing on TableTop with Wil Wheaton and seeing a film or TV series based on something he wrote.


  1. braidyspice

    I’m interested. Could you remind me how to ‘ping?’

    • Matthew Brown

      Yeah, from WordPress all you need is to link to the post. If in doubt, paste the link on a line by itself and WordPress will do the rest for you.

      • braidyspice

        Yeah… still confused. 🙂

        • Matthew Brown

          Just make a link. Google is your friend as there are millions of how to guides for linking with WordPress (also it is super easy).

  2. Danny H

    Ok, still a bit confused

    ‘The day before the start of each week we will post a list of seven interesting facts about the week ahead’

    So this list was published on 31st January? Where can I find it? Also, does my blog have to include something from that list?

      • Danny H

        Ok, think I’ve got it!! Will be posting something on the 7th, got plenty to rant about about our railways (both local and national)

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