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  • Being a writer

    What makes you a good writer?

    What makes a good writer? Specifically, what does it take to make you a good writer? This post is inspired by Thanet Writer and author, Matthew Munson’s blog post. I took his main points and examined them one by one to see if I agreed or if I could come up with any further points. You…

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  • Competitions

    September Writing Competition

    A new site, a new competition! Are you ready, writers? Explain the series of events that ties these images together How to enter Unlike our last competition which ran week to week, this one will run month to month. Also unlike the last one entering is as simple as submitting an article. So grab a…

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  • keyboard and newspaper

    5 ways to blog from Thanet now

    Thanet Creative exists to create opportunities for Thanet’s many writers. Some of us writers like to blog – here are five ways you can. Blogging for sites related to your field of writing is a fantastic way to get new links. Those posts will increase exposure for a website you already have up and running. In other…

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  • Thanet Creative

    Hello world!

    Welcome to Thanet Creative on Author Buzz Blogs. This will be the new home of the site of the charity previously known as Thanet Creative Writers. Here we will be posting the same great stuff that we had been sharing on our wordpress.com website but with the added power of Author Buzz UK. Give us a…

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  • science-fiction
    Author Platform

    How a platform got Andy Weir published

    Andy Weir is the author behind the book behind the film “The Martian”. The film contract was agreed within four days of the print contract. This is how Andy Weir did that. There is a video coming up with Andy Weir talking about how he got started. As we are talking about author platforms I…

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  • baby hands

    Creating a safe space for writers

    Establishing a safe space for writers to share work is one of the most important things a host must do. As hosts, we have a responsibility to look after the writers that we receive into our gatherings. Some writers, perhaps many writers, are vulnerable people. For some, writing is a way to deal with a great…

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If you write

If you write that makes you a writer. If you are sufficiently local to come and meet us then Thanet’s Creative would love to meet you.

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NaNoWriMo30th November 2017
It's all over for another year. Time to think about editing.


Thanet Creative are just a bunch of local people sharing our love of writing. Most of us have day jobs or are trying our best to make full-time writing pay. We have a Facebook group which is very active if you need a quick answer.

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