Thanet Creative: Writers on Tumblr

Following on from the general idea that Thanet Creative should be available and open to people where they are, we opened a Tumblr account.

We will share things that have been shared other places already as well as The Muse designs and graphics that we simply have not had room to share anywhere else.

We also share links and other things of interest to writers.

When we find anything that might be of interest to writers on Tumblr then we will do the Tumblr thing and reblog it for you.

As more active volunteers join us, the account will probably receive more frequent attention but questions and suggestions will be shared eventually but not always swiftly.

Visit the Thanet Creative: Writers Tumblr blog here.

Creative Writers’ Blog

What website for writers would not include a blog to allow writers to express themselves?

Thanet Creative features a blog to which all members of the Thanet Creative Writers charity are entitled to be contributors and indeed, all writers from Thanet are welcome too.

Unlike our old blog, the process for becoming a contributor is much more simple and straightforward. Anyone with an Author Buzz UK account can contribute. Once we are all set up we will open the blog to contributors.

Here are some of our more recent posts.

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