Thanet Creative: Sunday Writers

This is the second writer’s group run by Thanet Creative but unlike the Tuesday Tea and Chat event, Sunday Writers is focused more strongly on training and learning.

We will start with a short presentation before moving on to discussion and critiques. The exact details are subject to refinement by Simon and Victoria as we work out the details.

Everyone is friendly, welcoming, and just a little bit odd (which makes us quite understanding). Nobody is judged based on their skill level, or their abilities to spell, read, or write.

How long you have been writing is not an issue – new and established writers alike are welcome. Some of us are dyslexic and so struggle with spelling while others of us are great at providing spelling corrections. Some of us are a bit shy, others quite the opposite. It is the dynamic of complementary strengths that I feel makes our group so special.

There are some friendly cats and a dog in the home, so please take any meds required to deal with allergies should you suffer from them.

If you are bringing any of your work we request that you provide a few copies of each piece, this makes group reading easier and quicker than sharing a copy between us.

Please note; We do not expect you to read your work. The process is quite simple, really. We all have a (red) pen, and whoever is there reads what you have written. We go over it and make notes, based on plot, description, spelling, etc. Then when everyone has finished we go over your work with you and offer suggestions and feedback in a constructive and positive way.

5 pages maximum please to assure we get through them all.

Please try to print any written work in a double line spaced, clear black font. We suggest a reasonable limit is five sides of A4. Ideally, 12pt font and double line spaced. Make is easy to read, especially for us folks with less than 20-20 vision. This enables those with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia, to read your work without having to ask for assistance.

Remember there is no obligation to bring anything other than yourself. Some people prefer to get to know the group before they share any work. You are free to set your own level of participation according to your comfort level.

There is no charge for the evening. If at any time you would like to become a charity member we ask for a yearly donation of at least a whole £1. Charity membership comes with the right to be invited to the yearly AGM and to vote for who will be the trustees. Members also get priority registration for any limited space events. Feel free to ask about the benefits of becoming a charity member.

For more information and event schedules please check the Facebook group.

Thanet Creative: Poetry Circle

Based on feedback within the Thanet Creative: Writers’ Facebook group, we are looking at establishing a regular event just for poets of all skill levels.

The Poetry Circle will be for absolute beginners up to and including professional poets. The idea is that we can each support and encourage each other sharing what we know.

So far, we have held a few meetings which have been extremely well received. At the first event (originally a one off), it was requested that we hold more at a rate of one a month.

This event which will be announced soon is to be hosted by a local artist John Wooster-Brown. The event will probably be on a Wednesday afternoon.

Thanet Creative: Writers Tea and Chat

Hosted by Matthew Brown at his home in Margate, this is a weekly gathering of writers. It grew out of a creative solution to delays to another event and has since become a staple of our community.

There is usually no agenda and the topic of conversation is whatever the people want to talk about. Most weeks we exchange work to read and give feedback on.

As many of our writers are more comfortable with this format, we bring multiple copies of our work which those that wish to read to themselves, write comments on if they wish and usually give some verbal feedback too.

Some writers like to focus on proofreading while others will address issues such as character or pace. The areas of feedback you will get varies from one reader to another but it is almost always very constructive and encouraging.

For more information about feedback and critique events check out the guide posted to our Facebook group.

This event is currently on hiatus so Matthew can catch up on writing while he also ties to decorate his home. Feel free to offer to lend him a hand with the DIY.