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  • Coffee

    A day of social meetups for Thanet’s writers

    This week sees Thanet’s writers meeting for not one but two social meetups. This Wednesday (the 28th) has become a day for Thanet’s writers, poets, and creatives to meet up in places around Margate. Lunchtime: Writers grabbing a coffee At a time best described as Lunchtime-ish, we will be meeting up to grab a coffee. This…

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  • Questions

    Awesome Blogger Awards: FAQ

    We are now at the end of day 4 of week one of the Awesome blogger awards and a few questions have come up that I need to answer. How do I enter the Awesome Blogger Awards? The Awesome Blogger Awards are a cooperative effort. Awesome blogging helps build your author platform and can be a…

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  • Thanet Creative: awesome blogger award

    Awesome Blogger Awards 2018

    It is time for another of our rolling blog based competitions – the awesome blogger awards 2018. Nothing grows a writers’ platform quite like some cooperative blogging. For the whole of February that will be our theme. It will be a competition and a chance for you to show off as well as a chance to work…

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  • group
    Hosting Events

    Look after all your group

    When we run events, we need to look after the people that come along. Do organisers of writers events do enough to keep people safe after the event? I have been thinking a great deal about the safety of people coming to events. It is too easy for new people to come to events only to…

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  • cup and pens

    Tea and Chat 2018

    This week sees the return of our weekly informal gathering of writers – Writers’ Tea and Chat. The event will be switching back to the original Thursday evening. As before, we kick of about half seven in the evening (1930hrs). About Tea and Chat Tea and Chat is open to anyone. The event is informal and while…

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  • Competitions

    Do you NaNoWriMo?

    Who else has heard of NaNoWriMo? If you have yet to encounter it, this is your introduction to something that will take you nought to novel author in just 30 days. NaNoWriMo, or the National Novel Writing Month is a challenge to write a novel in just one month. Impossible you say, that’s what I thought…

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  • Ball Pit

    Having fun at a writer’s group

    There is something magical about finding a fun writer’s group. At last weekend’s Sunday Writers group we tried out a new activity – Word Bingo. Now, before you groan here me out – this was a far more fun than it had any right to be. That might be because I am hugely competitive and…

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  • baby hands

    Creating a safe space for writers

    Establishing a safe space for writers to share work is one of the most important things a host must do. As hosts, we have a responsibility to look after the writers that we receive into our gatherings. Some writers, perhaps many writers, are vulnerable people. For some, writing is a way to deal with a great…

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If you write

If you write that makes you a writer. If you are sufficiently local to come and meet us then Thanet’s Creative would love to meet you.

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NaNoWriMo30th November 2017
It's all over for another year. Time to think about editing.


Thanet Creative are just a bunch of local people sharing our love of writing. Most of us have day jobs or are trying our best to make full-time writing pay. We have a Facebook group which is very active if you need a quick answer.

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