Do you like our new look?

Last night, Thanet Creative updated the website with a fresh new look.

It was not that the old look was not working – it was fine. However, I felt that it did not do enough to draw attention to what was new on the site. This new look does just that.

new-lookIn the colder months, we have found people don’t really fancy going out to events. Who can blame you for that – it’s cold and wet out a lot at the moment. So this new design will try and act as a portal to the wider Thanet Creative community.

Thanet Creative is your blog

Don’t forget, if you have something to say about writing in Thanet, all are welcome to use the Thanet Creative platform to say it. (The usual caveats about quality, language, etc. apply).

We are open to members that want to become regular contributors as well as those that would just like a one-off chance to write something.

Pitch us your ideas

What do you think?

What do you think of our new look? Love it? Hate it? Think it is sort of okay?

Let us know in the comments your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Do you like our new look?

  1. A few technical points –

    The ‘Thanet Creative’ text at the top which links you back to the home page goes blank when you hover over it
    The author’s name has around it

    On a personal note, although I like the style, I find grey text on a white background difficult to read

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