Become a contributor

It is now super easy to get published on the new Thanet Creative site.

All you need is a free Author Buzz UK or a account. Once you are signed in all you have to do is look on the right-hand side. Just below your name, you will see a section that says “Something to Say?” Under it is a button, press the button to become a contributor.

Thanet Creative will be added to your “My Sites” menu and you can get going right away. Also the button will be replaced with a message saying “you can contribute”.

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What can a contributor do?

Once you have connected your account you will be able to access your admin area, create posts, or add items to the directory.

Personal admin area

The admin area is where you can see posts you have written, modify your profile, and keep your directory listings up to date.

Write a post

Either from the “posts” link in your admin sidebar or from the “New” link in your top bar (every page oft he site), you can start writing a new post.

You can choose categories, tags, and choose a featured image.

In the editor itself, you can write out whatever you want to say, add links, insert media (images), and generally blog away to your heart’s content. If you need to stop, for any reason, just hit “save draft” and come back to your post later.

When you are done your new post will be held in a moderation queue until it is checked out by an editor and scheduled for publication.

What sort of posts do we want?

We are looking for any of the following:

  • Original articles on the subjects of writing and creativity
  • Original fiction or poetry
  • Previously published fiction or poetry
  • News about Thanet Creative events
  • Book reviews
  • Opinion (aka Editorial) on writing and creativity related matters

We require that whatever you submit be yours to rightfully submit and for you to be happy with us publishing it. Check out the submissions agreement page for more details.

What we do not want

While we will be willing to consider most anything, we do ask that you try your best to make it both suitable for our site and of a reasonably high quality. We don’t ask for perfection but we do ask that you make an effort.

  • Spam
  • Copyright infringing material
  • Hate, discrimination, or other bad stuff
  • Advertising, sponsored psots, or affilaite links
  • badly written rubbish

What to do once your post is published

Once your post is published we like to ask each contributor to help us get the word out by sharing the link with their friends. Say on Facebook or Twitter.

There are links on every page to help you share them quickly and easily.

We ask that you refrain from publishing original articles anywhere else and that you consider giving us a period of exclusive use of any fiction or poetry work.

Submissions FAQ

What about reprints?

Reprints of your fiction or poetry are welcome. Please take the time to let our readers know where the work was published previously. If you can, you should link to the original so people can go and check it out.

Can I make an “about the author” box?

You are entitled to add a short bio at the end of your submission. If it is too big the editor may reject the whole work but three or four lines should be fine.

The about the author section is a good place to put a link back to your own blog. That way people who enjoyed reading your work can find more like it.

What about original works?

Non-fiction articles must be originals where as poetry and fiction may be original or reprints.

We ask that you let us bask in the glory of publishing a fiction or poem first for at least six months. Also, when you reprint elsewhere we ask that you link back to us, ideally with a rel=canonical link if you know how.

Do you pay?

At this time we are unable to offer payment for submissions. We hope this will not put you off.

How many articles or stories can I submit?

The sky is the limit. You are free to write as little or as much as you want to. That said, try to aim for quality over quantity.

Create a directory listing

You can also contribute entries to the directory. For example, if you run a group for Thanet Creative (or some other local creative activity) feel free to promote it in the directory. Contributors can add listing in the same way they can add posts.

There is a similar directory on Author Buzz UK. You might want to consider submitting a listing there, too.

Our directory is governed by the Directory Terms of Use.

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