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Thanet Creative: Writers

This page will be expanded to detail the many ways Thanet Creative supports Thanet’s  writers.

Events for Thanet’s writers

We run a number of different events for writers in Thanet. These are usually announced and promoted in the Thanet Creative Facebook groups.

Thanet Creative – Writers’ communities

Thanet’s writers and writers’ groups posts

  • Writing a sense of place according to the Internet

    I have to confess that I struggle with creating a vivid sense of place sometimes. Usually when the setting is relatively mundane – some town, some house, someone’s back garden. To help me overcome this

  • Writers of Thanet

    There are many writers who could be said to be writers of Thanet insofar as these writers came from or have been connected to Thanet.

    I’ve divided this list of Writers of Thanet by town. My

  • Why you should (not) write for us

    We would love you to write for us but should you write for us rather than, say, a publication that pays well? There are good reasons why you should write for us and just as

  • Why we need to write fewer white male protagonists

    If you are looking for an audience for your stories you could do a lot better than targeting white able-bodied blokes. That market is already saturated.

    There are a lot of people hoping to read

  • When and where do you write?

    Where do you write and when do you write?

    This is something that has always fascinated me about other writers. When and where they do the actual writing.

    For me, writing is something I do at

  • What do you mean “show; don’t tell”?

    The advice “show; don’t tell” is readily dished out by writers. Which is all well and good if you happen to know what on Earth they mean by that.

    The truth is that once you see

  • What do we mean by “Thanet’s writers”?
    woman typing writing

    A term that we have used on this blog a lot is “Thanet’s writers”. What do we mean exactly?

    It could, for example, be taken to mean the historical writers from Thanet’s past. People like

  • Using items as story prompts
    Thanet Creative prompts

    At this week’s Writers’ Tea and Chat, Karen brought along a collection of items for us to use as prompts for creating a story.

    I’m still mulling over the best way to turn my item

  • The Thanet Canute cybersquats

    The Thanet Canute is a person (or group of people) that seem to have a problem with variety. This is the story of The Thanet Canute and the cybersquatting.


  • The scene and scene-sequel
    how story scenes work

    Any story can be broken down into scenes and each scene works in the same way. You probably know that way very well – one or more persons want something and they encounter one