Thanet Creative: Writers’ Tea and Chat

Hosted by Matthew Brown at his home in Margate, Writers’ Tea and Chat is a weekly gathering of writers. It grew out of a creative solution to delays to another event and has since become a staple of our community.

There is usually no agenda and the topic of conversation is whatever the people want to talk about. Most weeks we exchange work to read and give feedback on. Sometimes there is cake.

Sharing Work

We use our standard format for sharing work as many of our writers are more comfortable with this format. We bring multiple copies of our work. And allow others to read to themselves, write comments on if they wish and usually give some verbal feedback too. Reading aloudĀ is an option if that is something you want to do.

Some writers like to focus on proofreading while others will address issues such as character or pace. The areas of feedback you will get varies from one reader to another but it is almost always very constructive and encouraging.

More information about Writers’ Tea and Chat

For more information about feedback and critique events check out the guide posted to our Facebook group.

Tea and Chat currently takes place on a Thursday.

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